As about COVID-19

Dear Guests and partners,

Greetings from Rhodes and we hope this letter finds you healthy and safe.
Please find below the Health & Safety procedures of Casa Cabana Hotel according to the new health protocols K.Y.A.1881 / 29.5.20

Guests & Rooms
Arriving guests will be provided with sanitizers and the reception area will be disinfected frequently.
Additional measures have been introduced at check-in to maintain distancing with clearly visible information on safe distances through floor markings.
In-room deep cleaning practices in accordance to EODY instructions using Covid-free certified products and cleaning in high temperatures of all bedding.
The hotel will provide each staff member with personal protective equipment (masks, gloves)
Frequent disinfection of all public areas and high-touch spaces during the day.
Increased cleaning and focusing on high-touch areas like associate entrances, laundry rooms and staff offices.
Use of steam cleaners for disinfection of fabric surfaces.
Installation of antiseptic liquids in each room, elimination of daily change of clothing and towels, of the evening preparation only upon guest request.
Extending the time between check out and new customer entry into the room.

Trained Staff
Educational programs by the Dodecanese Chamber & on site training of all staff members on hygiene protocols and management of potential incidents.
Every staff member will be aware of how the Covid-19 virus is transmitted; be able to provide information to guests and will comply to the hygiene and safety protocols (hand cleaning, keeping distance etc).

Food Safety Standards
All restaurant and bar seating areas will comply with government’s social distancing measures.
All employees in the kitchen will use personal protection equipment (masks, gloves, sanitation products).
Management and cleaning of all groceries will take place following the strict guidelines issued by HACCP.

Medical Support for Guests
According to official government notice, Casa Cabana Hotel has:
Appointed doctor near the premises.
Official representative for Covid-19 related incidents and health & safety procedures.
Direct communication with Rhodes hospital.
Covid-19 incident book (incidents & implemented measures)

At the moment, we are closely monitoring the situation and we are preparing to welcome you safely.
For more details please you may also contact us :