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Imalia SPA was named afer the beautiful Rhodian Nymph Imalia who, according to Greek mythology was loved by and united with God Zeus when he took the shape of rain. Nymphs in mythology were beautiful young female deities who lived in nature and ate ambrosia. They were singing and dancing especially close to springs which were their figurative representation. They are related to beauty, carefreeness and charm.
Nymph Imalia represents everything we would like you to feel during your visit in our SPA, as well as after it. In our sacramental space you will release the tension and balance your mind and spirit. In a world where experience and emotion are harmoniously combined with effectiveness, we chose to offer you high level services of relaxation and beauty with the use of specialized plant-based products from the top cosmetics collection of APIVITA.
All our treatments are performed with natural products for face and body that are never tested in animals or protected species. Our formulas combine the power of Greek nature with key ingredients derived from high value bee products and medicinal plants, enhanced by cutting edge “green” cosmetology.
Contact us and enjoy today your favorite element of rejuvenation and self-care. Enjoy a holistic experience of beauty and wellness that will make your stay even more special.

Internal line: Dial 76
Direct line: +302241086901

Dry Sauna / Steam Room day use charge: 10 euros per person 
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